The School Cafeteria: A Human Study

“Everything you get from your students—the rolled eyes, the excitement, the apathy, the big smiles—is feedback on your performance.” -Unknown I’m sitting here this morning, sipping dark roast coffee, and for some reason the high school lunchroom keeps coming into my thoughts. Perhaps, it’s because for the last several days I’ve been having school dreams.Continue reading “The School Cafeteria: A Human Study”

For The Love Of Teaching

For the teachers who show every day, heart in hand, ready to inspire, this is for you. “A teacher affects eternity; he [or she] can never tell where his influence stops.” ― Henry B. Adams By the time I was twelve years old I was shoplifting, drinking alcohol, fighting, had multiple suspensions, having sex, gotContinue reading “For The Love Of Teaching”

SRO’s In Schools: Some Thoughts To Consider

Having School Resource Officers in schools has been a topic of controversy for some time now. I remember sitting at an administrative meeting a few years back and an Assistant Principal brought up removing SRO’s from the school. We went around the room and only two administrators agreed that removal should happen. By the way,Continue reading “SRO’s In Schools: Some Thoughts To Consider”

a cONvERsATIoN wITh dEpReSSion aNd aNXIETy

I was with a friend and we were talking about a young woman who was hospitalized for depression. When he found out about her, his response was, “But…she seems so together, so with it.”  My first thought was, “Do you know how much courage, strength and energy it takes to ‘seem with it?’” The stigmasContinue reading “a cONvERsATIoN wITh dEpReSSion aNd aNXIETy”

A Return To School During Covid-19

I’m sort of a worse case scenario type of person. Before I enter or commit to something, I ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” After that, I taper it down with other scenarios. For example, I need to get meniscus surgery. When I asked my doctor what’s the worst case for this heContinue reading “A Return To School During Covid-19”

Circle Map: Coping With Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a disease that kills. Anxiety is one that brings your mind to the brink of chaos and makes you think that you are dying or going crazy. When not treated, both these illnesses can take hold of your life and suffocate you. There is hope and you can take control of your lifeContinue reading “Circle Map: Coping With Depression and Anxiety”

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