Building Relationships With Students: There is nothing more important

The pandemic has forced educators to change the way that they are teaching. We have had to become virtual teachers, trying to engage students through a screen, and over a thing called Zoom. I had no idea there was anything called Zoom before this. Some of us have students in front of us and onContinue reading “Building Relationships With Students: There is nothing more important”

A Letter to Depression and Anxiety

Dear Depression and Anxiety, This letter is for you because you have invaded so many lives. You are the nemesis of the twenty-first century, unrelenting, and are tearing lives and minds apart. To you depression, I have known you for most of my life. You are my dark little friend that likes to pay aContinue reading “A Letter to Depression and Anxiety”

Toxic People, Toxic Environments

The current world we are living in has more toxic people than I have ever encountered. We could blame it on politics or the pandemic, but let’s face it, most people that are toxic now were toxic before our current state of affairs.  Toxic people are the ones that enter your space and bring negativity.Continue reading “Toxic People, Toxic Environments”

Unrecognizable: What Depression Can Do To your Sense Of Self

I had someone reach out to me recently that has started to write, blog, and speak out about her mental illness.  She commented, “I’m not sure if I should keep writing. I don’t get many likes from my posts, and it seems like people aren’t listening.”  I simply commented, “Keep writing and telling your truth.Continue reading “Unrecognizable: What Depression Can Do To your Sense Of Self”

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